Monday, August 18, 2008

2008 Unlock Your Dreams Conference a Huge Success

Darlene Aiken President/CEO

Inner Beauty Solutions, Inc.(r

2008 Unlock Your Dreams Conference a Huge Success

The first annual Unlock Your Dreams Conference held this past Saturday, August 9, 2008 at a New York City Holiday Inn Hotel was an excellent idea. One of the amazing and refreshing highlights of the event was the introduction of each speaker. Prior to speakers taking the stage, their introduction was presented by praise dancers, each with positive messages that moved the crowd. While all speakers had words of encouragement, the most heartfelt speakers were Mr. Dominic Carter from NY1, a young man by the name of Obinna Ndu, and of course Mrs. Cheryl "Salt" Wray.

Mrs. Wray aka Salt from the famous duo Salt 'N Pepa gave insight to the importance of why self-esteem is so important and how we must all seek the wisdom and guidance of God. She was able to share a piece of herself with the audience and afterwards made time to sign autographs, take pictures and just talk to people. Mrs. Wray is a true example of how inner beauty has the ability to manifest itself once one taps into it.

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An award winning girls’ self-esteem and empowerment company catering to girls from ages eight to nineteen. We address girls’ emotional aggression which affects their self-esteem levels. Girls tend to vent their aggression via gossip, backstabbing, isolation of themselves or their peers, name calling, etc. by the time they reach upper middle school and high school, if not properly addressed, girls may become physically aggressive which may result in unfavorable punitive consequences. Additionally, because their self-esteem levels have been lowered this causes them to have difficulty in maintaining healthy relationships.

Darlene Aiken, President/CEO

Inner Beauty Solutions, Inc.(r)

"You're Beautiful On The Outside When You Recognize Your Beauty On The Inside!" (r)

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Lytoya Parker said...

Honoring Elise Neal, Trent Shelton & a host of other DYNAMIC HONOREES at The Unlock Your Dreams Conference!

The Unlock Your Dreams Conference is a landmark event where people from all walks of life can showcase how they have been able persevere through unimaginable obstacles in order to make a difference in their lives and in the lives of others.

The Mission and Purpose of ‘The Unlock Your Dreams Conference’, is for participants to leave with real and accessible keys to assist men and women of all ages, backgrounds in REALIZING their potential and living in their LIFE’S PURPOSE. Participants will walk away equipped with an I CAN DO ANYTHING MINDSET and will gain key principal on HOW to get it done.

On November 2, 2013, you will be exposed to powerful testimonials of women and men who has been through the process of unlocking their dreams. This mind blowing conference will *instantly* put participants in alignment with their power and creative potential, in which we are ALL innately capable of achieving. Our goal is to highlight, realize and manifest participants life dreams, emphasizing it takes a lot of courage and strength to actually listen to and *take action* on their -calling.

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